Loading a Secure Virtual Private Network to Your Amazon Firestick

Be secure and learn how to set up your Amazon Fire TV or Firestick  so you can stream all the content you want worry free!!

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The most popular streaming device today is an Amazon Fire TV or Firestick, and you can purchase one by clicking the links on this page, but streaming with the most capable apps might not be secure without a VPN.

With Net Neutrality at risk your identity and online habits can be bought by anyone. Leaving yourself exposed is not how to secure your identity online. This includes all web traffic showing everything about your browsing and viewing habits. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) puts an end to that by encrypting all of your web traffic for that device. You can finally rest assured that your online identity and activity is completely private, safe and secure! Sign up for a PIA account today by clicking here and get 1 year of service for only $40! This is the one I use in my home and you can use it on 5 devices! This is the best deal in VPN’s and it’s super easy to use. There are shorter terms but you’ll pay more per month.

Here we go!

1.  Now turn on your FireTV and go to “Settings” in the menu at the top of the screen.

Home Page Fire TV Secure

2.  Click on “Device”

.Fire TV Settings Menu Secure

3.  Click on “Developer Options”

Device Menu Fire TV Secure

4.  Make sure “ADB Debugging” and “Apps From Unknown Sources” is turned On

Developer Options Menu Fire TV Secure

5.  From the Home menu (click the button that has a house on it) and go as far up as you can to the search magnifying glass in the upper left hand corner

Settings Magnifying Glass on Fire TV Home Screen Secure

6.  Type in “Downloader” and press ok, then select it

Downloader App Icon from Search Secure

7.  Select “Get”. It’s free.

Downloader Download Screen Secure

8.  Once it downloads, open the app

First Look Inside Downloader

9.  Click on Browser on the left hand side and type http://apkmirror.com (If it asks you to enable JavaScript, say, “Yes”.

Downloader Browser type http://onlinesecuretv.com

10.  Search for all 2 apps below and click to download them:

1. Terrarium TV

2. Redbox TV

11. The other 3 apps you will need are below. Just click on the links and the download will begin. The Fire TV will let you know when it’s been loaded and will ask if you want to install. Click “Yes” or “Install”.

Install the PIA APK by clicking here!

Download the MouseToggle APK by clicking here!

Download the MX Player APK by clicking here!

The only app we’ll need to set up is mouse toggle which we’ll set up once and never worry about it again. Click on the app that looks like this:

After we open it, we’ll see at the bottom it says “status”. It’ll change to “starting” and then to “started”. Once it says “started” you’re done. Close it and don’t worry about it again.

On the apps that allow it, all you have to do is quick double click the play/pause button on your Fire TV remote and a small circle will appear. You’ll be able to move it just like a mouse on the screen. The menu button (3 lines on the right) and Fast Forward button (to the right of the play/pause button) act as your scroll up and scroll down. The Mouse Toggle makes navigating the apps miles easier and an absolute necessity on others.

We have another page that shows you how to install Kodi here and addons here however, with the apps we’ve dowloaded today, you’ll have all the content you’ll ever need or want. The other minor issue with Kodi is when the add-ons need to be updated. It can be time consuming or if you bought the Firestick from a reseller, you might end up paying someone like me to reprogram it.

Never run any of these apps without a VPN. It’s simply not secure in today’s internet. For the low cost and what you’re saving on monthly bills, using an extra $3 to $6 per month to secure yourself is the easiest decision you can make. IPVanish is another great VPN and you can get it for under $6/month HERE. IPVanish is the most popular VPN and it is a very good one. I have friends that like IPVanish and I have no problems endorsing it to anyone. It’s just not the one I use myself (I want to be completely transparent). You can download IPVanish directly from the Amazon App Store by using the search function. Private Internet Access or PIA VPN is considered the most secure VPN by cyber security experts. You can sign up here for a super low price of $3.33 per month.

With good VPN’s like NordVPN, PIA and IPVanish you’ll only lose about 5-10% of your internet speed. If you have 30Mbs, you’ll lose about 3Mbs, which is very minor and very much worth it to be secure. I recommend putting VPN’s on devices versus routers because some apps won’t run properly with a VPN working. I like the ability to turn it off.

Be secure and turn on your VPN when using on any streaming app and you’ll never have to worry again.

If you use any other Android TV Box like an NVIDIA Shield, Yundoo Y8 or Xiaomi Mi Box all these apps are available in the Google Play Store.


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