Additional Streaming Tips

Additional Tips to Make Streaming Better

With Kodi Add-ons having more and more issues pulling in HD links for your favorite streaming content, here are a few ways to get more out of your streaming.

1. Real Debrid

Real Debrid Streaming Link

What is Real Debrid and why do you want it? Real Debrid pulls links from private or semi-private servers. As some Kodi users are noticing, the number of streaming HD movie and TV links are going down. More and more of the file hosters are moving to use paid services to distribute their content. Real Debrid pays for the right to pull streams from these sources and you pay Real Debrid to get those HD links.

The cost is roughly $19 per 6 months, or about $40 per year. The worth is in the eye of the user. How much do you value 1080p streaming content? or 4k content and how much do you value always having it available? That’s for you to decide. You can sign up by clicking here.

2. Additional Settings in Kodi

There are a few extra settings once you get Kodi installed to make it run faster. Be sure to set your settings to “Expert” so you can see all the settings. When Kodi first boots, you’ll see “Standard”.

Go to:

System Settings>Display>Calibration>Number of buffers…>Select 3

System Settings>Add-ons>Click on Unkown Sources and set updates to Automatic

Skin Settings>Main Menu Items>Toggle All of these off>Movies, TV Shows, Music, Music Videos, TV, Radio, Pictures, Videos (Everything you want will be in the Add-ons section. No need for the others).

Add-ons>Click on the open box at the top left of the screen>My Add-ons>VideoPlayer InputStream>Make sure InputStream Adaptive and RTMP Input have check marks next to them. We want them active.

Add-ons>Click on the open box at the top left of the screen>My Add-ons>Look and Feel>GUI Sounds (if you don’t want to hear clicking all the time


Trakt Streaming Logo is a website that can keep track of your viewing progress. It can be connected to multiple streaming add-ons and apps. So when you watch a movie or part of a tv show, you can pick up where you left off. In Covenant and Elysium, it’ll even put check marks next to watched movies and tv episodes. It’s a simple but nice little feature to enhance your streaming experience and it’s free to join.


When I first got into learning about streaming, I wanted nothing to do with a paid IPTV service. I wanted it all for free. While that idea was all well and good, I love the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL games and while some addons offer live streams, the quality isn’t always the greatest and you have to hunt for a good one. That’s a tiring task and after a while, I started to ask, “Is it worth it to spend $8-$10/month and have IPTV that can provide excellent quality streams that I don’t have to hunt for?” I finally answered “Yes” to that question and I’ve really come to like 2 IPTV services. Ace IPTV and Rocket Streams IPTV.


Ace IPTV is a very nice IPTV. The cost for just the sports package is hair over $9/month and that only includes one device. You can add devices for another $5/month. The streams were flawless and all loaded up quickly. I only checked out the sports package, but I can’t imagine the quality is less with the entertainment package.

Rocketstreams Logo

Rocketstreams is very good as well. The cost for a total cable package (sports and all others), is less than $9/month (the price varies on how many months you sign up for, but the month to month package is $9). The streams load quick and it does have guide information so you can see what is coming up.

5. IPTV Players

Now that we’ve talked about IPTV companies, lets talk about the players needed to watch TV. There are two players I can recommend.

Perfect Player

Google Play Store Perfect Player

If you’re going to do it yourself, I recommend Perfect Player. When you sign up for IPTV, they’ll send you two web addresses. One is for the streams and the other for the guide. You input those two and you’re off to the races.


Google Play Store STB EMU

STB EMU which is short for Set Top Box Emulator, is much more involved to set up. I learned how to do it with some help from YouTube and still had some issues. But, if you can figure out how to set it up, it looks great and is very easy to navigate.

In my opinion, if you want quick and easy, go with Perfect Player. If you want a little bit nicer User Interface, take a stab at STB EMU.


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