Install Kodi and Be Secure With a VPN

For some folks, Terrarium and Mobdro aren’t enough for content lovers. Kodi allows people to see movies, tv shows, sports and other content for free.

It’s very important when running Kodi’s 3rd party addons to make sure a Virtual Private Network or VPN for short is running. As I’ve mentioned before, Private Internet Access is my number 1 choice. They don’t run deals. Their price is the lowest of all of them even when the others run specials. NordVPN is also one of the most trusted VPN services around and if you sign up via this link, you will get 40% off a 2 year subscription. You can download the PIA app on our previous page if you have an Amazon FireTV or Firestick. If you are using any other android device with access to the Google Play store, you can download it there.

So how do you install Kodi?

1. In the Downloader App (instructions on how to get it here), click on browser, then type in

picture of downloader screen with

2. Scroll down and click on the Android Logo

Android Logo on

3. Select “ArmV7A 32bit” as the file to download

Android Download Version on

4. After the file downloads, select “install”.

The Kodi app will now appear on your home screen and looks like this:

Kodi App on Amazon Firestick

Now that you have Kodi on your home screen, what do you do with it? It doesn’t do anything on its own, but it allows content to be played through the app. On our next page, we go through some 3rd party addons and how to install them. 3rd party addons allow you to get the most out of Kodi and your Amazon FireTV or Firestick.

With only a few addons, you can get all the content you want, without bogging down your system. Too many “Loaded” and “Jailbroken” Firestick re-sellers load fancy builds so it looks pretty when you turn it on. But it makes it hard to navigate and learn how to do it yourself.

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