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Now we get into products we recommend. On our other pages we’ve mentioned how to install software to enjoy your streaming content. Pages on how to install Streaming Apps and How to Stay Secure, how to install Kodi and Install Add-ons for Kodi. As we test and review more products, we will post pictures and links on this page.

The Amazon Fire TV is one of the best streaming boxes because of the friendly User Interface (what you see on the screen) and it 2GB of RAM which make the operation very smooth. Unfortunately, you can’t buy a new one because Amazon stopped making them, but you can buy a certified refurbished one with the backing of Amazon. 

The Amazon Firestick is one of the most popular streaming devices and when Amazon updated the processor from dual core to quad core, it made the budget stick an even better deal. It runs very smooth for a device in this price range. 

The Nvidia Shield is the Cadillac of streaming devices. It’s also great for gamers. This box is by far the smoothest operator of the boxes running an Android system. It’s also the priciest by far. For the average user, I don’t recommend this box, but if you like higher quality products and operation, this is your device. 

For anyone looking to cut the cord to their headphones, I’ve been using August EP650’s for 2 years now and I find them fantastic. I’m no audiophile. Just an average Joe. I strongly dislike “in-ear” headphones and not a fan of “on-ear”. August are the best “over the ear” bluetooth headphones for $45 hands down. They rival much more expensive headphones. When I bought them, they were $65 and I still thought they were a steal. I even bought my father a pair. They are durable and sound good. Easy to pair to any device. They now have the EP750 for just a hair over $100 and they are noise cancelling. I’ve added a link for them as well below. Noise cancelling, bluetooth headphones for just over $100 is a ridiculous deal for the quality you get with this brand. 

Some of the remotes we get with these devices aren’t the best. For streaming services like Netflix, Amazon or from Kodi, Terrarium or Mobdro, a keyboard is a nice luxury to have. The Rii i8+ is the remote to have, with it’s backlit keyboard and comfortable feel in your hand, it’s a great purchase. There is a version of this remote that uses bluetooth to connect, but I can’t recommend it because of distance issues (I do have a link to it below if you really want one). This one is a smidge more expensive than other lookalikes, but the build quality and function is worth a few bucks more plus it comes in some fun colors if that’s your thing. 

Now we all need some HDMI cables and frankly a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality. I recommend and use Amazon Basics HDMI Cables. There is no need to pay more for HDMI Cables. 


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